rider training

Rider Training

Riding training is developed based on incremental skill blocks, where we provide skill sets aimed to make the rider unconsciously competent. Observation and considered resultant actions are second nature enhancing one natural reactions and enlarging ones envelope of safety. .

We train systems and skills that we have developed based on worlds best practice, giving the rider a complete set of skills to face riding challenges experienced in day to day riding, long trips and off road adventure riding, Our training is conducted at our pre-selected venues.

who should train (almost everybody)

Novice entry level rider (dirt or road ) i.e. never ridden before

Those that ride but recognise the need enhance their skills to ride confidently

those that have purchased Adventure bikes and wish to take them off road and develop adventure Riding Skills

Road Craft and Group riding (tour riding) – many can ride but have no knowledge of how to ride in a group or how to ride safely on the road

Tips and additional riding knowledge as many have learnt to ride by friend teaching them or trial and error.